Helping victims and survivors of therapy abuse.


To promote awareness of therapy exploitation and to let victims and survivors know that they are not alone, that it is not their fault, and that they can heal from therapy abuse and live an amazing and productive life moving forward. It is also for family, friends, professionals and/or anyone else interested in understanding what it means to be abused by a mental health care professional while seeking emotional support during a vulnerable time in one’s life and the devastation it causes.

About Me


After my divorce, I finally made the decision to find a therapist and heal from the childhood trauma that was, at times, making my life unmanageable in the present. I found a therapist online. He did not have negative and/or positive reviews and his license was in good standing. After a year of therapy, the boundaries became murky, and I had developed strong feelings for him. I verbalized my feelings to him and rather than address the transference that had transpired in therapy, my therapist chose to abuse his power over me for his own personal gains during a very vulnerable time in my life. This relationship became unbearably painful and feelings of despair emerged, at times feeling hopeless. Deciding that something was not right, I began to look online for answers and came across Therapy Exploitation Link Line (TELL) an online support and advocacy group run by volunteers who have all been abused by a mental health care provider. It was through this organization that I realized that I was not in a loving relationship but one of abuse and power.

I am now an advocate for victims of therapy abuse and volunteer as a Responder for TELL. You can read more about my story here.

It is my hope that the information provided on this site will allow you to understand that what has happened to you (or to someone you know) is not your fault, that you are not alone and that you can move forward and heal from therapy abuse.

Lisa Grover, MSOT